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General Music Websites - Internet Magazines - Band Websites - Record Label Websites

General Music/Other Media Pages: - An excellent resource for information on bands and their musicians - As above but for movies
The Internet Movie Database - Comprehensive film database with reviews, user comments and trivia - well worth visiting - NME online features most of the stuff in the magazine + extra features and regular news updates
Offbeat - Website for top Sheffield Indie Night with gig listings, playlists etc
The Showroom Cinema, Shefield - Well worth a visit if you're in Sheffield - one of the best independent cinemas in the country - The ultimate band list. Self explanatory really...

The Indie Contact Bible

North West Unsigned Band Resource - speaks for itself really - links for bands, labels, zines etc

Other Webzines:

Speeder - Regular e-zine with interviews, features, and reviews. Bands like Solex, Flaming Lips, and Billy Mahonie.
Pitchfork - A great US based internet magazine featuring quality indie music and have a whole host of fascinating articles and interviews
Organ Zine - Also the homepage of Org Records, a massive site packed full of info

Band Pages:

Looking for a band's page? Click on the letter that their name begins with to track it down. Once again, if you're in a band or run a fan site, please e-mail us your URL for submission to our links page. All you have to do in return is link to No Ripcord!

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...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Break Stuff - Good Trail Of Dead fansite
Apes In Quicksand - Impressive Swedish rock band
At The Drive-In Fansite - UK based fansite for excellent and sorely missed band


Syd Barrett Shrine - If you're after Barrett related info (Pink Floyd + Solo), this is the right place for you.
Beta Band Unofficial - An good site but don't know if it is still active...
Jeff Buckley Mojo Pin - Fansite with everything you could want to know about the late great Mr Buckley
Jeff Buckley - In Memory Of - As above...


Closer - Cement Mixer - impressive Swedish fansite
Closer - Official website for Closer - a great upcoming band from Kilmarnock
Closer: Moneran - Another Closer page - still under construction, but looking good.
Coldplay: Yellow - An unofficial Coldplay site currently undergoing reconstruction


Dark Star Site - Unofficial and perhaps out of date site?
Death Cab For Cutie - Great Death Cab site with tabs and everything!
ProDelgado - Nice little Delgados site
The Disorder on - Featuring hit, "The Revenge of Ironside".


Eels Official Site - Haven't been here yet but it's Eels so should be good!
Eels - 3 Speed - The ultimate Eels site. Regular news, tabs, polls, you name it, they've got it!
The Galaxy Eels Site - another excellent Eels site
Electric Soft Parade Unofficial - Impressive ESP site - worth a visit


Flaming Lips - Official Flaming Lips Page
Janecek's Flaming Lips Site - Comprehensive Flaming Lips Fansite
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters Official Page


Gomez Official Page - Fairly decent site packed with info on the band
Gomez News - Interviews, tabs, reviews, and of course, news
Gomez: Step Inside - Gomez site with news, tour info, bios, pics, and the Z to A of Gomez.


Hives Unofficial - It's got news, reviews, lyrics, tabs and anything else you could want in a fansite.






Mother Superior - Heavy rock trio who double up as the Rollins Band
Muse: Overdue - Decent Muse site
Belgian Muse Site - Everything's in French but it's got tabs for the "Showbiz" album.
Muse Official Site - nearly forgot this one!


Neutral Milk Hotel - Pretty good website if Neutral Milk Hotel are your cup of tea



Pavement - a non-official Pavement site
Pink Floyd - Not official but packed full of info on the band, including a huge FAQ
Porphyria Webpage - Porphyria: our very own defunct and to be brutally honest, mediocre band.



Radiohead Official Site - Weird site with Ed's journal being the only thing of interest at the moment.
Green Plastic Radiohead - Fantastic Radiohead site. News, song interpretations and even a guide to Oxford!
Radiohead: Maquiladora - Radiohead in realaudio...yeah there's other stuff too!
Radiohead: Parts 1 & 2 - Another fansite - lyrics, up to date news, pics, and other assorted goodies
Rico Official Page - Decent website for UK's top solo artist.
Rico: Colours to Bring Back Home - Fantastic Rico site with tablature! A lot of work has into this and it shows...
Rico Unofficial Site - The first Rico fan-site and it has everything you could ever want on Rico!


Stone Roses Fan HQ - Excellent Stone Roses Site - home of the infamous mailing list
Stone Roses: Mersey Paradise - Excellent Roses fan site with loads of stuff including some great tabs
The Strokes - The Modern Age - one of the best for up to date news. Updated regularly.
TheStrokes.Org - Great professiona looking unofficial site
E-Fan Guide - The Strokes - another top Strokes site
Another Strokes Site - haven't been here yet...









Record Labels:

Lithium Records - With Lift, Quincy and The Needles
Low Profile - Possibly the worst label ever but we're proud of it...

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